Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sopranos Season Two, Episode 16 - "Toodle-Fucking-Oo"

Sopranos Season Two, Episode 16 - "Toodle-Fucking-Oo"

Richie Aprile is back in town.

Big brother of the late, great Jackie Aprile, Richie has just finished ten years in prison and is looking to pick up where he left off. He figures it should be pretty easy, too. After all, the jerky kid he used to look out for in the old neighborhood has grown up to be none other than the current Boss, Tony Soprano.

But things in Jersey have changed in ten years -- and Richie's finding he doesn't like it. For one thing, Tony won't discuss business directly with anyone; you have to talk to Silvio or Paulie. And if Tony will "dwane" to meet face to face it can't be at the Bada Bing or the Pork Store -- you have to go to the mall. But worst by far is having Tony constantly tell him to "be patient; what was yours will be yours again." But from where Richie sits, Tony just doesn't get it. In one of their meetings he tells the new Boss, "What's mine is not yours to give."

So a frustrated Richie decides to be proactive. He visits an old associate, pizza parlor proprietor Beansie Gaeta, and tells him he owes Richie weekly remuneration for past favors. Beansie responds by saying he won't be shaken down, telling Richie, "I'll step up if I have to." But Beansie will be lucky to step anywhere when Richie's through with him. Soon after their encounter Beansie is the victim of a hit-and-run-and-back-up-and-run-over-again "accident" in the alley behind his restaurant.

So what's Tony going to do about Itchie Richie? Whatever it is, he'd better do it quickly. Unbeknownst to him Richie has paid a visit to Junior in the sanctum sanctorum of his cardiologist's examination room. Tony can handle having Junior pissed off at him -- but if Richie throws in with his uncle, it could mean serious trouble.

And speaking of trouble, Meadow's been causing more than her share of agita lately. A party she hosted at Livia's house ended up trashing the place. AND she was drunk. Tony and Carmela don't know what to make of her. Tony warns they have to be careful how they discipline Meadow, saying, "Let's not overplay our hand -- if she figures out we're powerless, we're fucked." And of course, Parvati -- who's never raised a teenage daughter -- is the resident expert in parenting techniques.

Things would sure be a lot easier for Tony if he had Dr. Melfi to talk to.

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